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book your contact lense appointment todayCONTACT LENSES

Contact Lenses are changing fast!

There are lots of new products on the market so even if you’ve been told in the past that you are unsuitable for lenses chances are there’s  now a contact lens for you. We now fit contacts for join our lense care scheme

  • Short sight & long sight
  • Astigmatism
  • Varifocal contact lenses
  • Patients with dryer eyes

contact lenses
Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • Modern contact lenses are extremely comfyfree contact lense guide
  • More natural vision than glasses
  • No obstruction of vision from glasses frames
  • Great for sports
  • No weight on your ears or nose
  • Can be worn by ages 10-110!!

Convenient affordable monthly direct debit payments

We supply all the major brands of daily, monthly and 2 weekly contact lenses. Call in and have a chat with us to find out which is best for you today!


Join our lenscare scheme and save money on your contact lenses!

Benefit of lenscare scheme

  • The affordable monthly payment by direct debit
  • Contact lens aftercare examinations every 6 months
  • Your normal eye examinations.
  • Discounted prices on contact lenses and solutionsfree contact lense guide
  • Unlimited additional aftercare examinations if required.

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